Refund and Returns Policy


Products listed on Monica Enterprises may be fulfilled by this shop directly, other vendors/suppliers, or affiliates. Refunds, exchanges, or returns are granted on a case-by-case basis, specifically for order issues such as "damaged on arrival".

Please note that no refunds or exchanges are granted for cases of "buyer's remorse". When shopping for products, please keep in mind that some items are print on demand, while others are shipped from various locations. To minimize the need for returns or exchanges, please ensure that you check the sizing information before purchasing any items that require you to select a size, such as apparel.

Suppliers and Affiliates 

Each vendor/supplier and affiliate has their own unique return policy. If you click on a product that redirects you to one of our affiliate sites, please remember to review the return policy before making a purchase. If your product directed you to an affiliate, kindly check your email or receipt for any available return or exchange information.

We take great pride in our product recommendations and can assure you that the products listed here are accurately advertised.

Use The Form Below

If your product arrived damaged or there is another issue with your order, please use the form below to submit details regarding your order within 7 days of receipt. At that time we may issue a refund or replace the product, pending review. 

Customer Service:
Phone: 800-484-3818